Feb 6

Brrrrr, it’s frickin cold out !!! Well, we missed this crap in January but’s here now and is going to be for over a week. Negative 2 degrees at about 11 o’clock and with the 24 mph wind gusts it was minus 24 degrees wind chill. And it got windier in the afternoon. These are the tough days with a release trigger.
How many 25 straights???…..NONE !! And only ONE 24. Nice shooting Jeff Rempel. Scott Steffen was the Top Dog Hot Dog again today and he did it with a 41. Yeah, that’s how brutal it was. But, we shot it.
And now, we have tomorrow to look forward to. The Crown Royal Border Battle at Hudson Gun Club. Hopefully, there will be FIVE MN shooters that attend so it isn’t a huge blowout. Mark Zauhar has graciously provided us MN shooters a bottle of Crown Royal and a case of BEER for the losers. Thanks Mark. I’ll send a shoot report out as to how we do. Most of it will be true. :>)
The MGC Valentine’s Jackpot for next weekend….is on hold for right now. With the way the weather guessers are talking this artic blast is going to last over a week and if their guesses turn into reality, we won’t hold it. I’ll send out a email Thursday and let everyone know.
1st Class
Scott Steffen  41
2nd Class
Jimmy Bowen  36
Ties = Handicap from the back then Handicap from the front then singles from the back.
Thanks to everyone who shot today and those that stopped by to watch the crazy ones shoot.
Embrace the winter….bullsh***
Stay warm everybody.
Jimmy Bowen

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