Feb 5

With winds at 17 mph with 33 mph gusts and temps at 8 with a wind chill of -10 there wasn’t much action at MGC today. The hot breakfasts went over well, so that was good.
Thanks to those that showed up today, as always lots of good chatter. High score of 43 for the day……Mike Gunderson. Nice shooting Mike.
OK, next Saturday will be our annual Valentine Jackpot. Shoot a 25 straight and you will get a heart shaped box of candy to give to your sweetheart….or keep it for yourself. One box per person. If we don’t have enough 25’s we’ll drop down to the next high score until the 10 boxes are gone.
Now in years past we would offer a Heart Shaped Diamond Necklace but this year we’re going to give a gift that you and your sweetheart can use. It is a Fylina Wireless Muscle Massage Gun. Now this item has a bunch of attachments that should do ANY part of your body good and you can let your thoughts take it from there. Check out the pictures in the attachments to view this dangerous contraption.  When Mark Zauhar sees this he’ll probably fly up from Florida hoping to win it. Also this year, you won’t have to enter the event 3 time to be in the drawing. EVERYTIME you enter the event, 25 singles, 25 handicap, your name will be put in for the drawing. So, the more you shoot, the better your chances.
If you want to bring some food to share, be our guest. I’ll be whipping up a Triple Fudge Chocolate Cake with fresh strawberries on it. And with whipped cream. Maybe we should give a can of whipped cream away with the Massage Gun……..:>)
So, that’s the program for the MGC Valentine Jackpot. The weather will be better….hopefully.
Hope to see you there.
Jimmy Bowen

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