Feb 29

The weather again, was beautiful today. Bright sunshine, warm temps, 40 degrees and a south breeze. Maybe the luck of the Irish???? That is coming up.

Not a lot of 25’s today but the scores were up there. Mad Dog Gary Pederson was observed sitting in the corner talking to himself after posting a 15 in handicap and whatever he said to himself worked. He went out again, hit 24 of the singles and then RAN the Handicap….for yeah, a 49 !!! High score of the day and nobody else got closer than a 47 to him. Nice shooting Gary. Good to see.

In 2 weeks, March 14th, we’ll MGC will be hosting their St. Patrick’s Day Jackpot Shoot. We’ll have randomly place GREEN target in the carosales and when one comes flying out…Don’t lift your head to look at it….hit it and you’ll receive one of the famous MGC hamburgers to enjoy. One burger per shooter please.

1st Class
Gary Pederson  49
Jeff Rempel    47

2nd Class
Bob Meyer    44
Jimmy Bowen  44

3rd Class
Daryll Olson  43
Dennis Kecker  43

4th Class
J P Paumen  41
Joe Paumen  41

5th Class
Brad Luke    38
Daryll Olson  38

Ties = Handicap from the front

Next Saturday looks like it’s going to be even nicer…C’mon out, bust some clays and enjoy the day, at MGC.

Hope to see you there.

Jimmy Bowen

Next Jackpot on a leap year Saturday will be in 28 years. :=)

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