Feb 27

A very, very nice day at the MGC traps. It got up to 45 degrees, plenty of sun for most of the day, and a 6 mph breeze. Pretty good for the last weekend in February.
Scores for the first squad out were…just OK. Second squad out Brian Anderson puts up a 47 just to let everybody know that he’s there. Third squad out, Dennis Kecker posts a 48 just to let Brian know that he was there. And the 48 was a good, high, score for the day. But not the lone one. Last squad out, last shooter, Brian drops one singles target and, damn it, one handicap target to tie Dennis. Great shooting guys.
Seven 25 straights today…a whole lot better than it has been for a while. Hell, Troy Smith even had one. Congrats to all that had 25’s.
In a couple weeks we’ll be hosting our annual St. Patrick’s Day Jackpot. The kitchen is still closed but we’re still going to give a burger and chips out to those that hit a GREEN target. We’ll be cookin ’em outside on the grill. One burger per shooter please. But hit all the GREEN targets that you can. :>)
1st Class
Dennis Kecker  48
Brian Anderson 48
2nd Class
Brian “Back at you Dennis” Anderson  45
Dennis Kecker                        45
3rd Class
Randy Jones    41
Mike Gunderson  41
4th Class
David Maples    39
John Podergois  39
Ties = Singles from the front.
Thanks to everyone who shot today, hope to see you next week.
Jimmy Bowen

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