Feb 22

ANOTHER Beautiful day at the MGC traps !!! 40+ degrees, little to no wind and nice sunny skies. A great day to be out shooting on a winter day.

Now, with that said, for whatever reason 47 ended up being high score. Glenn Linden had 2 of them and Ray Monson had one. Nice shooting guys.
Participation was nice and steady, a good turnout, thanks to everyone who shot today. Some new faces, and somebody signed in on the squad sheet as Wheels.????? Who the hell is that???

1st Class
Glenn Linden  47
Glenn “I ain’t done yet” Linden  47

2nd Class
Dennis Kecker  44
Ray Monson    44

3rd Class
Gary Pederson  42
Scott Steffen  42

4th Class
Glenn “Three-peat” Linden  39
Dean LeRud    39

Ties = Handicap from the front

Next Saturday looks to be a little cooler, but nice. Hopefully it holds true.

Hope to see you there.

Jimmy Bowen

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