Feb 20

Yeaaaaaaa, it was warm enough to shoot today…WOO HOOO.
It started out at ZERO this morning but warmed ALLL the way up to 23. Maybe we’ve turned the corner??? Light south winds and plenty of sunshine.
Ray Monson and Scott Prafke were the Hot Dog Top Dogs today. Both turned in 47’s and Ray was the ONLY one to post 25 straight and he had TWO of them. Great shooting guys.
1st Class
Scott Prafke  47
Ray Monson    47
2nd Class
John Podergois  43
Dutch Poel      43
Ties = Handicap from the front.
Thanks to everyone who shot today.
Good luck to everyone in Tucson and Odessa tomorrow. Pete Walker had one of three 200 straights today at Tucson and finished 2nd in the shoot-off. George Pappas had the high score of 198 all by himself today at the Silver Dollar. Shoot straight and hit ’em hard everybody.
Next Saturday we’ll do it again. Hope to see you then.
Jimmy Bowen

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