Feb 15

A very pleasant day at the MGC traps. A south breeze, more sun than overcast, and temps in the mid 30’s. So much so that one guy was out shooting in a short sleeve T shirt and a vest. Now, he lives near the Wisc/MN border so that might explain some of that. And then to top all of that, he goes out on the last squad, last post, and hits a 48 for high score. Bob Meyer, that was outstanding….nice shooting.

There were two 47’s posted, one for Dennis Kecker and one for Reed Meyer, yeah, same last name. Good shooting guys.

A good turn-out, thanks to everyone who shot today, we paid out 8 places and nobody doubled up. Always good to see that.

1st Class
Bob Meyer    48
Dennis Kecker  47

2nd Class
Glenn Linden  43
Scott Steffen  42

3rd Class
Gary Pederson  40
Daryll Olson  40

4th Class
Jeff “I’ll pay next time” Rempel 36
Max Wexler    36

Ties = Singles from the back

Good luck to all of our shooters practicing up at the Spring Grand.

Hope to see you next Saturday.

Jimmy Bowen

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