Feb 11

37 degrees on February 11th with lots of sunshine…..We’ll take it!!!  There was a little bit of a breeze, 15-24 mph, but it was from our backs so that was good. Jim Lambert got things rolling on the first squad out and posted a 46!! Nice shooting Jim. That ended up being high score of the day but there were four more 46’s posted. Eric Gunderson, Dennis Kecker, Scott Arvig, and Jimmy Bowen. Well done guys.

The heart shaped boxes of candy were up for grabs for 25 straights or the next highest score. Only three 25 straights posted, Derek Fischer, Dan Ward, and Jimmy Bowen, Getting candy for 24’s, Ray Monson, Gary Pederson, Jim Lambert, Scott Arvig in Handicap, Don Campbell, Eric Gunderson, and Chuck McMacken. Tom Lewic for a 23. There was also a beautiful Heart Shaped Cake for High Gun. For those that left before the dust settled, your candy is at MGC. Just ask at the front counter for it.

Thank you to everyone who shot today. It was a good day to be outside shooting.

1st Class
Jimmy Bowen    46
Eric Gunderson  46

2nd Class
Derek Fischer     43
David Smith        43

3rd Class
Tom Lewic          42
Richard Moen     42

4th Class
Kari Potter      38
Kari Potter      38

Now for the important flip of the coin…..Ties = Singles from the back.
Scott Steffen has said for years…If you want to win, you have to run the singles.

Good luck to all of our MN shooters that are at the Spring Grand in Tucson AZ. Right now MN has the 2nd highest shooter count of the states represented. 28.

Enjoy the warm weather everybody, hope to see you next week.

Jimmy Bowen

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