Dec 9

Another great day at the MGC traps. The weather forecasters were right on again….this time. A high of 52 degrees with light winds and full sunshine. The competition for the Hams was fierce to say the least but for whatever reason, they were slow coming in. Third squad out and Mad Dog Gary Pederson not only posted the first 25 straight but he posted a 49 to get everybody’s attention !!!  Nice shooting Gary.

That score held…until the very end. On the very last squad, Scott Steffen was crushing everything that came out of the house. He ran the singles and most??? of the handicap targets. As a lot of you know, Scott likes shooting post 5. So, we’re cooking right along and none of those targets were getting by him….until that last one !!!  Yup, Scott pulled a Jimmy Bowen. He had it in the bag…was going to be High Gun and take home half of the Perpetual Purse. He had 4 guys on the field with him…and watched him “peek” at that LAST TARGET. Scott, great shooting, fun to watch…but painful. I could feel his pain.

The winners of the delicious hams today were….Gary Pederson, Randy Jones, Ed Dietz, Jake Kelly, and Stormin Ken Norman. Good shooting guys, enjoy the hams.

1st Class
Scott Steffen  49
Gary Pederson  49

2nd Class
Jimmy Bowen    45
Joe Hadac      45

3rd Class
Ed Dietz    43
Randy Jones  43

4th Class
Gary Pederson    41
Scott Messenger  41

5th Class
Daryll Olson    38
Max Wexler      38

Ties = Singles from the front then singles from the back then Handicap from the front.

Thanks to everyone who participated today. If the weather stays nice we’ll do a Wednesday Jackpot again.

Jimmy Bowen

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