Dec 5

The weatherman was right on….this time. The weather was PERFECT for this time of year. It was a chilly start but it warmed up very nicely. And the notorious MGC wind??? How about 3 mph!!! And the sun was out and it got to the upper 30’s. That made for some nice shooting. The shooters showed up in force to try and garner one of those delicious bone-in hams. The first one to win one, now don’t be surprised by this, Stormin Ken Norman…second squad out. He also posted a 47, which was high score for quiet a while. Nice shooting Ken. It took a few more squads before the 2nd ham was claimed and Lexi Kubista nabbed that one. Nice shooting Lexi.

Hot Dog of the Day??? That title goes to Bob Meyer. Now Bob is a big time hunter and hadn’t picked up his trap gun for a couple months. I know, you’ve heard this story before…and he proceeds to go out and post BACK TO BACK 49’s !!! He made it look easy. There was talk in the clubhouse about him “leaving the door open” and in a way he did….but you will see, he survived.

Jimmy Bowen finally had time to uncase one of his guns and went out and ran the singles, yeah the hams were already taken, was doing pretty good on the handicap field…and missed his LAST target out…for a 49.Dumbshit.

Just so Jimmy wouldn’t feel too bad…Curt Peterson goes out on the last squad, ran the singles, and was doing pretty good on the handicap field…can you see where this is going???…..and misses his SECOND TO THE LAST target out…for a 49. FOUR 49’s…A great day.

The Hams winning hams…all 10 went to 25 straights. In the order they were taken….Ken Norman, Lexi Kubista, Dennis Minks, Dale Otis, Jerry Chellgren, Bob Meyer, Scott Messenger, Scott Steffen, Curt Peterson, and Scott Prafke. Great shooting everyone.

1st Class
Bob Meyer  49
Bob Meyer  49

2nd Class
Jerry Chellgren  46
Dennis Minks    46

3rd Class
Scott Prafke  45
Jeff Rempel    45

4th Class
Jimmy Bowen  43
Gary Pederson 43

5th Class
Scott Steffen  42
Ken Norman    42

6th Class
Scott Messenger  41
Dan Frye        41

7th Class
Norique Stuewe  40
Terry Peterson  40

8th Class
Eric Gunderson  37
Dave Dummer    36

Ties = Singles from the back then singles from the front then HANDICAP FROM THE BACK!!! Aaargh. And I even flipped the coin.

THANK YOU to everyone who participated today. Hope to see you next Saturday.

Jimmy Bowen

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Due to the High School State Championship, MGC will be closed to open shooting from Tuesday, June 25th thru Thursday June 27th.