Dec 31

A very nice day at the MGC traps. A balmy 36 degrees with a SE breeze!!! Not bad at all for December 31st. It was a nice day to be outside .
Four 25 straights today. Jeff Rempel, Dennis Kecker, Dan Frye and Jerry Lahr. Great shooting guys.
Gary Pederson set the pace on the first squad out with a 46 and then bettered that by one for high score of the day. Nice shoot Gary.
The staff at MGC would like to wish everyone and their Families a very Happy New Year!!! Lets all hope that shells and components become more available in 2023….at reasonable prices.
1st Class
Gary Pederson    47
Mike Gunderson  46
2nd Class…on a good day.
Jimmy Bowen    43
Jimmy Bowen    43
Ties = Handicap from the front.
Thanks to everyone for their support in 2022. Hope to see you in 2023
Jimmy Bowen

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