Nov 27

Another good day at the MGC traps. 41 degrees, sunshine and enough of a NW wind to make it interesting. The wind made the above normal temperatures seem cool but it certainly could have been a lot worse. Coming up on the 1st of December and no snow……we’ll take every day of it.
It looked like it was going to be Gary”Mad Dog” Pederson for High Gun today until the last squad went out. Gary had posted a 48 early in the day but at the end of the day Scott Steffen ran the singles and only dropped 1 in handicap for a 49. Those damn last squads!!! Nice shooting Gary and Scott.
A reminder to put it on your calendar….December 18th will be our annual Christmas Ham Shoot. More on that as we get closer.
I’m starting to get scores and pictures of some of our shooters in Tucson wanting to include their scores for our Jackpots. Well, I did attach a picture. Tom, get a tan or put some pants on !!!
Someone asked today when our Jackpot Finale will be held. It will be held in conjunction with our Easter Ham Shoot….April 16th, 2022. That will be a big day.
1st Class
Scott Steffen      49
Gary Pederson  48
2nd Class
Mike Gunderson    42
Lenny Lindquist     42
Ties = Singles from the back, then singles from the front, then handicap from the back.
Thanks to everyone who shot today and to Sandy Jack for the pumpkin pie.
Next Saturday, same program, same time. Hope to see you there.
Jimmy Bowen

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