Dec 21

The 2019 MGC Christmas Ham Jackpot is in the books and it was a beautiful day to be outside shooting. Lots of sunshine, 36 degree temps with a south west breeze which at times did cause the targets to dive….just before you pulled the trigger…or let it go. The breeze didn’t seem to bother Randy Jones though. Randy posted a 48 for high score and just to show everybody that he could do it again….he did. Way to go Randy.

It took a couple squads out before the 25 straights started coming in and then they were pretty regular. 15 of them in all, and all of the hams were claimed by the 25 straights. No dropping down to the next high score today. That was good to see.

To add to the festivities, Dennis Minks brought a big sheet cake to celebrate Sandy Jo Jack’s induction into the Wisconsin Trapshooting Association Hall of Fame in 2020. Congratulations Sandy!!!! A well deserved induction due to her great shooting abilities and for all the work she does for the sport of Trapshooting.

Along with the cake there were a couple buckets of ice cream, some barbecue, venison sausage, homemade brownies and some very tasty ham sandwiches. Thanks to everyone who brought food to share.

The Hams winning hams in the order they were won….Dennis Minks, Scott Steffen, Randy Jones, Dan Campbell, Sandy Jo Jack, Scott Prafke, Ken Norman, Dutch Poel, Dennis Kecker, and David Maples. Nice shooting everybody.

FYI…On New Years Day, Wednesday January 1st, we are going to host the Hangover Jackpot. We’ll be shooting from noon to 4 o’clock. So, take it easy New Years Eve and c’mon out and bust some clays….start the New Year right….at MGC.

1st Class
Randy Jones  48
Randy Jones  48

2nd Class
Dan Campbell  45
Dan Campbell  45

3rd Class
Dennis Minks  43
Sandy Jo Jack  43

4th Class
Dennis Minks    41
Mike Gunderson  41

5th Class
Mark Cameron  38
Jack Swanson  38

Ties = Singles from the back then Singles from the front.

Thanks to everyone who shot today, especially those that traveled a long distance, to make it an outstanding day.

Merry Christmas to everybody from the Minneapolis Gun Club. Hope to see you next Saturday.

Jimmy Bowen

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