Dec 17

First of all…..Merry Christmas to all of our Jackpot Shooters. The staff at MGC wish you and your Families a great Holiday Season and a prosperous New Year.
It was a pretty “normal” day at the MGC traps today. The weather all month hasn’t been the best and today was no exception. 18 degrees with a wind chill of 4 with 24 mph gusts. But, we got it done and had a good time. THANKS to everyone who brought food to share. There were some really tasty items to choose from. The big ass hams were on the line at as you well know….trapshooters like food.
Threre were four 25 straights shot today. Gary Pederson turned in the first one, then Tom Lewic, Bob Meyer, and Eric Gunderson. Eric got his the hard way, he shot 25 straight in Handicap. Great shooting guys.
46 was high score for awhile, two of them, Tom Lewic and Scott Steffen, but then Eric had that good Handicap round and posted a 47. Way to go Eric.
The ham winners for 25’s were Gary Pederson, Tom Lewic, Eric, and Bob Meyer. 24’s Terry Peterson, Mike Peck and Jerry Lahr. 23’s Derek Fischer, Scott Steffen and Jimmy Bowen.
1st Class
Eric Gunderson  47
Tom Lewic          46
2nd Class
Eric Again        42
Richard Moen  42
Ties = Singles from the back
MGC will be closed Christmas weekend. We will be open New Years weekend.
Thanks to everyone who shot today and stopped by to shoot the breeze.
Merry Christmas Everyone.
Jimmy Bowen

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