Dec 16

It was a very nice day today at the MGC traps. Sunshine and a light SOUTH wind. But, 28 degrees. It was good to be outside.

Before the story…..MGC WILL BE HAVING A HAM SHOOT THIS SATURDAY DECEMBER 19TH. We’ve been very fortunate with the attendance and want to “Give Back”. So, bring your appetite, shoot, and have some fun. HAMS FOR 25 STRAIGHTS…AND BELOW IF NEEDED.

So, it seems like we have a “new” fox in the henhouse. This Tony Brand shows up out of nowhere and is shooting a fairly new to him Perazzi MX 10 TOP SINGLE, did you hear that Jack Swanson?, and is shooting very, very, good. Tony took the High Gun Honors last Saturday with a 49 and he took High Gun again today with a 48. Tony I don’t who you bought that gun from :>) but you should give him more money. Great shooting !!!

Only six 25 straights today. But, Saturday, for the HAM SHOOT, I’m expecting them to come in hot & heavy so show up early and sign up a lot.

1st Class
Tony Brand  48
Ray Monson  47

2nd Class
Terry Peterson  44
Curt Peterson  44

Ties = Handicap from the front.

Some prayers needed….Mark Hintz is in a care facility in New Prague recuperating from a tumor being removed from his spinal cord. Dean LeRud is fighting cancer that is present in his hip and brain.

Thanks to everyone who shot today. Some really cold weather next week so this might be the last Wednesday Jackpot for a while.

Hope to see you SATURDAY for the HAM SHOOT.

Jimmy Bowen

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