Dec 14

When it’s cold and snowing….what else is there to do????…..SHOOOOT. That’s what. And shoot we did. Temps were dropping throughout the day and it was 10 degrees from 2 o’clock on. Sunny, with a wind, and it “felt” like -5. We sent short squads out and some of them did come in between the singles and handicap. Scores weren’t the best…no shit…..but we had fun…..Ya right.

And then to top it off the cell phones were going off due to the Tucson MGC members sending weather updates and frickin pictures of half nude people lounging around. Absolutely no respect for their freezing fellow Trapshooters.

Next Saturday MGC will be holding their annual Christmas Ham Jackpot. We’ll round up 10 delicious bone-in hams to award shooters for a 25 straight in either singles or handicap. If there aren’t enough 25’s then we’ll drop down the the next highest score until the hams are gone. One per shooter. Also, if you’re up to it, being an appetizer, dessert, snacks, along to share. MGC will cook up a ham for sandwiches. The long range weather guess is for 30 degrees and partly sunny which will feel like Tucson compared to today. Hope to see you there.

1st Class
Dennis Kecker  43
Craig Raines  42

2nd Class
Terry Peterson  37
David Maples    34

Ties = Handicap from the back…..ahhh, which there were none. :>)

THANKS to those that shot today and to those that just showed up.

Stay warm.

Jimmy Bowen

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