Dec 11

Well, not a lot of play today with the 18″ of snow that we had last night. It took a little while to clear a couple fields so we could shoot. It wasn’t a bad day, the temps were in the upper 20’s with a W SW breeze. The green targets showed up well with the white stuff on the ground. High score was 46….and there was only one of them.
We had a squad at the SW Minneapolis Gun Club send in their scores, see attached photo, but with them being on a different time zone… was too late. Dean Walker did VERY well….shooting in a 55 degree temperature difference. Nice shooting Dean.
Now, don’t forget, next Saturday we’ll be shooting for some delicious bone in hams. That’s right, the Christmas Ham Jackpot is next on the list. Shoot a 25 straight in either singles or handicap and you’ll win a ham to share with the family. One per shooter. If not enough 25’s are shot we’ll drop down to the next high score until 10 hams are given out.
Speaking of 25 straights….none were shot today…nada, and only two 24’s. Everybody is saving them until next week.
1st Class
Jimmy Bowen  46
2nd Class
Jimmy Bowen  42
Ties = Handicap from the front.
Now I’ll say it before someone else does……Yes, there was more than 1 person shooting today.  :>)
Thanks to everyone who shot today. Hope to see you next Saturday.
Jimmy Bowen

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