Apr 9

Another nice one at the MGC traps. Probably the nicest one this spring. Temps in the 50’s, blue sky, and a light breeze.
Even with the nice conditions the “pork” on the table would have been pretty safe today counting the 25 straights. Only 5 today, Jeff Rempel had 2 of them, Scott Steffen, Dennis Kecker and Eric Gunderson each had 1. Nice shooting guys.
Jeff Rempel not only had 2 of the 25’s he ended up being top dog today. Him and Derek Fischer had 48’s for high score but the flip went Jeff’s way. Great shooting both of you.
Next Saturday, it will be the $1000 added money Finale, the Easter Ham Shoot and the drawing for the Winchester Diamond Grade Handicap shells. ALL IN ONE DAY. I don’t know if the weather will be as nice as today but we’ll get er done. Hopefully you can make it.
1st Class
Jeff Rempel     48
Derek Fischer  48
2nd Class
Eric Gunderson   45
Dennis Kecker     45
3rd Class
Jimmy Bowen    40
Gary Pederson  40
Ties = Singles from the back, then singles from the front, then Handicap from the back.
See you next Saturday.
Jimmy Bowen
A note from the Manager:
I remember when the Jackpot trap shooters were a little bit tougher.
April 9 2009

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