Apr 4

Another BEAUTIFUL day to be shootin….but again. We didn’t.

After multiple emails to the Governor I did get a response late yesterday afternoon. And as you can guess, it was your typical “Bureaucratic Bullshit”, as Matt Bickel DID say. Yeah, it was just a form letter thanking me for contacting them. I have now gone down another road, contacting the local Homeland Security Director. One into him…and one to go. This next one is to the point…just tell me/us if your going to recommend to the Governor to go along with the Federal Homeland Security Branch and the White House to put Gun Manufacturer’s, Gun Shops, and Gun Ranges in the essential category. A simple Yes or No and I’ll go away.

MGC hasn’t cancelled or pushed aside our Jackpot Finale and we WILL have one, even if it’s in July. I’ll let you know.

OK, one virtual score sent in today and it’s a doozie. None other than the Lemon Meringue Pie MASTER….Nice job Jimmy….Enjoy

i started on post 4 and ran the gamut but struggled on  post 5 with a persistent cough and dropped three targets…then I couldn’t smell the gunpowder on post 1 and dropped another two targets…i started to get a slight headache on post 2 and dropped a total of five more birds on 2 and 3…but I recovered nicely in caps from the 29 yard line by shooting both barrels which from that yardage is still a handicap…all for a respectable 33, a typical score for a southpaw Corona and Lime drinking fool from Mound…glad I could shoot with the boys today…until next weekend…
Jumpin’ up  jimmy

Stay safe everyone, hope to see you soon.

Jimmy Bowen

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