Apr 3

Well, it was the Easter Ham Jackpot and a bunch of Ham’s showed up….to shoot. Free food, it’s unbelievable what it makes trapshooters do!!! I can tell ya, it makes them shoot GOOD. First of all, the weather guessers had most of the forecast right. It was a beautiful sunny day, and it did warm up to 70 degrees, but it was a little breezier than they guessed. Not bad….but it was from the north and it made the targets climb….sometimes all of a sudden.
Back to the food…the first squad out and BANG, 4 of the 10 hams were gone already. Randy Jones, Todd Zych, Jake Zych got ’em on singles and Ray Monson did it the hard way and ran the handicap. And, Ray posted the first of five 48’s. Nice shooting guys. The other 48’s…Scott Steffen had 2 of them, Curt Peterson and Tom Sletta. Way to go guys.
48’S….it turns out that all they did was leave the door open. Tim Mackey posted the first 49. On the next squad Tony Brand posted one, and on the next squad Glenn Linden posted one, missing a singles target and running the handicap. Great shooting you three.
Back to the food….The Hams winning hams by posting 25 straights as they came in…Randy Jones, Todd Zych, Ray Monson, Jake Zych, Ken Norman, Scott Steffen, Tony Brand, Dutch Poel, Craig Raines, Glenn Linden. Enjoy the hams everybody.
1st Class
Glenn Linden  49
Tony Brand    49
2nd Class
Dutch Poel    46
Bob Meyer    46
3rd Class
Jimmy Bowen  45
Curt Peterson 45
4th Class
Tom Lewic    44
Bob Meyer    44
5th Class
Brad Luke      42
Devan Schauer  42
6th Class
Len Lindquist  40
Devan Schauer  40
Ties = Handicap from the back then handicap from the front then singles from the back.
THANK YOU to everyone who shot today. It was a great day to be outside. Happy Easter to all and their families.
Jimmy Bowen

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