Apr 25

Jackpot Shooters….We did it !!!! We were finally able to get out and shoot some targets. To those that shot…Thank you very much. To those that didn’t make it….you missed a really nice day to be bustin targets. 70 degrees, lots of sunshine and a light breeze.

Curt Peterson showed us right away that the lay-off didn’t affect him. First squad, first post and Curt posts a 48 to set the bar. Then later, to protect his high score, he posts another one. Great shooting Curt.

Eleven 25 straights today, Curt shot 3 of them. Those were good to see also after not shooting for awhile.

Next Saturday, May 2nd, MGC will be hosting the Jackpot Finale. Those qualified will be shooting for the $1000.00 added Lewis Class money. We will be also doing the daily Lewis Class payouts. It’s like 2 shoots in one. Those not yet qualified, your entry’s that day will go toward the minimum 20 entry’s. The forecast looks great right now, hopefully it holds.

1st Class
Curt Peterson  48
Curt Again    48

2nd Class
David Maples  44
Scott Steffen  44

3rd Class
Jimmy Bowen    42
Mike Gunderson 42

4th Class
Dan Frye      37
Daryll Olson  37

Ties – Handicap from the back then Handicap from the front….

Hope to see everybody next Saturday.

Jimmy Bowen

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