Apr 2

Another breezy day at the MGC traps but it was ALMOST 50 degrees!!  Yaaaaaa  There were four 25 straights shot again today, Joe Hadac, Jerry Chellgren, Dale Otis and Derek Fischer. Nice shooting guys. Dale Otis also was high gun for the day with a 48. Way to go Dale. Second high score was a four way tie with 46’s shot by Bob Meyer, Derek Fischer, Don Campbell and Jimmy Bowen. The flip was singles from the back and Bob Meyer took that.
TWO more Saturday’s of MGC Jackpot Trap for the 2021/2022 season. ONE more week to get qualified for the $1000 added money with 20 entries or more then the Jackpot Finale on April 16th. That day will also be our Easter Ham Shoot and we’ll have the drawing for the flat of Winchester Diamond Grade Handicap shells. Should be a fun day.
1st Class
Dale Otis     48
Bob Meyer   46
2nd Class
Derek Fischer    43
Eric Gunderson  43
3rd Class
Jimmy Bowen   39
Bob Meyer        39
Ties = Singles from the back
Maybe a little less wind next Saturday???? Hope to see you there.
Jimmy Bowen

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