Apr 18

Jackpot shooter’s, we got cut loose !!!!! Yeaaaaaaaa Well, we kinka got cut loose. Here in MN we are at least able to shoot. Still, no leagues, no teams, no tournaments. At this time we still can’t have the Jackpot Finale but maybe getting close. The Wisconsin clubs were able to open too with fewer restrictions and Bob Meyer has offered to hold the Jackpot Finale at the Hudson Gun Club and we may take him up on that. I’ll keep you posted and give you enough time to make plans. Thanks Bob for offering that.

OK, we were busy at MGC today and the appointment scheduling seemed to work. People were able to schedule, shoot, hang out a little and go home. It was a beautiful day to shoot. A lot of Jackpot shooters were present honing their skills. Leo, Mark Hintz, Dennis, Scott, David, Max, Terry, Chuck and more. It was good to see everybody.

Bob Meyer called in his virtual score, a 41, which on a blustery day is good shooting. There was a shoot at the Southern MGC, aka Tucson, a Wobble Trap shoot, and wouldn’t you guess, that cross dresser, I mean cross shooter, took the event with a 48. Nice shooting Jerry Demulling.

Everybody, stay safe……and get out and SHOOT!!!!

Hope to see you on the line.

Jimmy Bowen

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