Apr 17

A very nice day at the MGC traps and the nice weather brought out a whole bunch on nice shooters. Kind of a swirling breeze today so the targets went high one way and a little flat the other way and 57 degrees and mostly sunny. Not bad for mid April.
Some of our snowbirds were back in the fold…Tom Sletta, Jerry and Cheryl Demulling and Dave Carter. Good to see them back.
Now the swirling winds weren’t so bad that it caused some of us not to shoot bad. FOUR 49’s today and Hot Dog Curt Peterson had 2 of them, Bob Frost one and Derek Fischer one. That’s great shooting guys. There were a BUNCH of 25 straights today. You’d think that there was food up for grabs. It’s like everybody is getting ready for the Jackpot Finale.
The Finale will be next Saturday, April 24th. Those that entered the event more than 20 times up to today will be going after some of the $1000 added money up for grabs. We will also be doing our regular Lewis Class payouts for the day. Unlike past years where we would bump the entry a couple bucks, we’re leaving it at $20.00 entry. The weather is right now looking similar to today which will make it a great day to be bustin clays…at MGC. Hope that you can make it.
1st Class
Derek Fischer  49
Curt Peterson  49
2nd Class
Glenn Linden    46
Charlie Leavitt  46
3rd Class
Jonathon Worthen 44
Jimmy Bowen      44
4th Class
Dutch Poel  42
Scott Larson 42
5th Class
Dave Carter    40
Derek Fischer  40
6th Class
Scott Larson      38
Cheryl Demulling  38
Ties = Handicap from the front then Handicap from the back
THANK YOU to everyone who shot today and helped out. Much appreciated. Jackpot Finale…April 24th.
Jimmy Bowen

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