Apr 10

A cold, okay it didn’t even get to 50 degrees today, day with dark clouds and a north wind to make it interesting. A big difference from last weekend. But, it’s early April yet, so what the heck, might as well shoot.
Low scores today, many below 40, but there’s always a top score and that went to Scott Steffen with a 45. Nice shooting Scott.
Next Saturday, April 17th is the last day to qualify for the $1000 added money and the Saturday after that, April 24th is the MGC Jackpot Finale. I’m hoping that it’s a better day than today but regardless the money will be on the line.
1st Class
Scott Steffen  45
David Maples    44
2nd Class
Jeff Rempel  40
Dan Ward      40
Ties = Handicap from the back.
Have a good week, hope to see you Saturday.
Jimmy Bowen

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