A great day to be out celebrating National Trapshooting Day. The all night rain subsided and left us with a overcast sky, cool temps, 65 degrees, and light winds from the north. It didn’t stop the shooters from showing up, thank you to everyone who participated, and there were plenty of good scores. 100 straight in AA Singles, a 7 way tie in A with 97’s, 3 shot off, 2 ties in B with 97’s and 2 ties in D with 91’s.

The ATA Life Membership was hotly contested with a bunch of Sub-Jr. and Jr. shooters vying for top score in Singles and Emma Olson came out on top with a 99. Nice shooing Emma.

The $50.00 Daily Drawing winner is James Weiland.


AA….Glen Linden 100

A…. Steve Richards 97 + 25

B….Dean Campbell 97 + 24 + 25

C….Dave Palm 93

D….Dannyelle Moon…. 91 + 24


25- 27 YD….Mike Crepeau 96

22-24 YD….Mike Cooper 93

18-21 YD….Troy Smith 92


AA….Glen Linden 98

A….Reney Langlois 95

B….Emma Olson 91

C….Claude Banyai 92

D….Troy Smith 86

The HOA winner is Mike Crepeau. 288 x 300. Mike will receive a TSA Shooting Bag.

Thanks again.

Jimmy Bowen

Emma with her ATA Life Membership. Missed a straightaway for a 99 in Singles.

ntd pic


Glen Linden won AA Singles with 100 straight and AA Doubles with a 98



Steve Richards won A Singles with a 25 straight in a shoot off.



Troy Smith with a win in Handicap and Doubles.


Dean Campbell B singles winner with a 24,25 in a shoot-off.


Mike Crepeau Long Yardage winner with a 96


Dannyell Moon D Singles with a 93 + 24 in a shoot off



Reney Langlois A-Doubles sporting some sharp attire.


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