Mar 20

A BEE-U-TI-FULL day at the MGC traps. Light winds, lots of sunshine and temps in the low 50’s. It was like being in Florida. Today was St. Pats Burger Day…..if you hit the green target. A lot of shooter took advantage of it. We gave away 18 of those delicious MGC burgers. That was good to see. It was good to see some good scores come in too. There were four 48’s posted today. Leon Houle brought in the 1st one, followed by Ed Dietz, Jimmy Bowen and Jeff Rempel. Nice shooting guys!!!
There was almost a 250 x 250 in the books today but as luck would have it the shooter on post 5, he usually takes post 5, ended up “flinching” on a couple. Just the start of better things to come. Oh well, next time.
FOUR more Jackpots left of this season. THREE left to qualify for the $1000 added money Lewis Class payout. The Finale, along with the Easter Ham Shoot, along with the drawing for the flat of Winchester AA Diamond Grade Handicap Shells, will be April 16th. Make your plans now.
Thanks to everyone who shot today. Next Saturday the weather is looking good again.
1st Class
Jeff Rempel    48
Jimmy Bowen 48
2nd Class
Dan Frey            45
Gary Pederson   45
3rd Class
John Houle     43
Scott Steffen   43
4th Class
John Larson    42
John Houle      42
5th Class
Don Lowden       40
Mark Cameron    40
Hope to see you next week.
Jimmy Bowen

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