Mar 28 Virtual

OK, while we didn’t really shoot today, outside, we held a “virtual” shoot. Besides, it was raining like crazy anyway. Just think if all this was snow !!!

Here’s what’s going on…..Word is;
Bob Wiltse had some new lumber put on his “smoke pole” by Wenig and is patiently? waiting to put some rounds through it. Bob called in a 47

Jack Swanson is getting a new to him Perazzi ready to make some noise. Jack, as usual, had a better handicap score than his singles score.

David Maples has added an Alfermann to his gun stash, a beautiful one at that. David posted a 49 with the gun he wants to replace???

Ray Monson couldn’t make it. He was getting a haircut, but said he could have shot a 47. We don’t doubt that Ray.

Daryll Olson missed his squad. What the hell is with that??

The “Kolar Kids”, Scott Steffen, Jeff Rempel and Craig Raines squadded together to be the “All American” squad and those guy’s can shoot really good. 48’s for the bunch.

Bobby Munson Jr., AKA Mark Hintz, ran the singles, no kidding, but kinda fell apart on handicap. A 43. He kicked butt in the card game though.

Lenny Lindquist, said he was hungry for a doughnut, and that might have affected his shooting game. 45

Dennis Kecker, even though quarantined due to his trip to Mexico, turned in his usual 48.

Leo Switala, once he got all his equipment ready, or makeup on, turned in a respectable 46.

The big winners of the day…from sunny Arizona, were Cheryl and Jerry Demulling. THEY DID SHOOT TODAY…FOR REAL, and both of them posted 50 straights !!!! That’s outstanding you two. The good/bad thing is they didn’t play the Perpetual Purse. I’ll give them both a big hug when they get back. :>)

Now, real time. We at MGC are hoping and praying that we can get back to the real thing as soon as possible. According to Governor Walz’s Executive Order, hunting and fishing are “OK” outdoor activities to do. Friday in the Governor’s daily address he mentioned that the golfers around the state turned in a petition for him to open up the golf courses and he took it under advisement. I emailed him last week asking him if hunting was OK would shooting clay targets be OK. I’m thinking if golf gets the green light, shooting should also. We’ll see.
Regardless, we will have our Jackpot Finale as soon as we can. I’ll send a email out as soon as I know when we can schedule a date.

Everybody, stay safe, stay healthy.

Jimmy Bowen

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