Feb 7

Another frigid day, this time at the Hudson Rod Gun & Archery Club. Minus 17 degrees at the start with a gradual warmup to all of minus 4. The good things, if there is such a thing on a day like this, there was bright sunshine and a whole lot less wind than yesterday at MGC. 6-10 mph today compared to 15-24 mph yesterday. And with less wind, less wind chill.
Thanks to Bob Meyer and his great volunteers for hosting this event and providing some very welcomed chili and dogs.
So, it was a lot closer than I liked but it made for some good, fun, competition. And in the end, you will see that Bob Meyer is listed for both WI and MN. Bob recently moved to MN but is a member at MGC and on the BoD at Hudson yet. So, he/we put his best score in the WI column and his second best score to MN.
That put the final score….MN 202….WI 196. MN WINS THE 2021 MN/WI BORDER BATTLE 2/0.
A bottle of Crown to the winners….and a case of beer for WI. Compliments of Mark Zauhar.
We had multiple people attempting to call their scores from sunny AZ but that wouldn’t have helped take the win. Jerry Demulling shot a 49 in Tucson today and Tom Sletta a 48.
Top MN shooters.. Scott Steffen, Tony Brand, Jimmy Bowen, Bob Meyer and Daryll Olson.
Top WI shooters.. Dave Mansell, Bob Meyer, Jeff Prescott, Reed Meyer and Mark Nordeen.
Lewis Class Winners
1st Class
Dave Mansell  45
Scott Steffen  45
2nd Class
Scott Steffen  38
Reed Meyer    38
3rd Class
Daryll Olson  33
Tom Zaspel    33
Ties = Singles from the front.
Four 25 straights shot today. Three of them MN and Tony Brand had 2 of them. Daryll Olson the other. For WI, Dave Mansell. Nice shooting all of you.
That’s it for Border Battles for 2021…we’ll do it again next year.
Good luck to all of the MN and WI shooters in Tucson for the Spring Grand.
Jimmy Bowen

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Due to the High School State Championship, MGC will be closed to open shooting from Tuesday, June 25th thru Thursday June 27th.