Jackpot Shooters, good morning.

Here is an update for the Jackpot Finale this weekend. ONE MORE CHANGE, NUMBER LAST.

Because of conflicting schedules coming from many different directions here’s what we’re going to do.

The Jackpot Finale will be held BOTH Saturday and Sunday. We will do the Daily Payouts BOTH days. For the $1000.00 added money we will take scores from BOTH day’s and do the Lewis payout. So scores shot on Saturday for those qualified WILL count toward the added money.

For those that are close to qualifying….say you’re 2 scores short and you have to shoot on Saturday. The first 2 scores you shoot will go toward your qualifying entry’s. The 3rd score you shoot will go toward the added money Lewis payout. All 3 scores will go toward the Daily payout.

I hope this helps those that have supported us all season long. Next year we will take a closer look at the calender and post the final once and that will be that.

Show up early, enter often, shoot a lot.

Hope to see you there.

Jimmy Bowen

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