Sept 2 & 3, 2017 Jackpot

Let the games begin!!!!

The 2017-2018 MGC Jackpot season got off with a lot of good scores coming in. The weather was beautiful, 80 degrees with some clouds in the morning but clearing off in the afternoon, and a nice cooling breeze. And that was for both Saturday and Sunday.

There were four 49’s on Saturday, Scott Steffen started it, and then 3 more came in on the same squad. Scott with one more, and John and Jake Kelly. Nice shooting guys.

On Sunday there were three 49’s. Ken Norman posted one on the 2nd squad out, Dutch Poehl with a new gun one the 4th squad, and then Tom Sletta later in the day. Again, nice shooting!!!!

Saturday Lewis Class Winners
1st Class….Scott Steffen 49…..Jake Kelly 49
2nd Class….Jeff Rempel 47…..Ray Steffenson 47
3rd Class…..Ray Steffenson 45….Darwin Bridgland 45
4th Class…..Darwin Bridgland 44….Jeff Rempel 44
Ties = Handicap from the front.

Sunday Lewis Class Winners
1st Class……Tom Sletta 49….Dutch Poehl 49
2nd Class…..Terry Peterson 44….Charlie Buehler 44
Ties = Singles from the back then Singles from the front then Handicap from the back.
Congratulations to all the Lewis Class Winners and thanks to everyone who participated.
The regular MGC Jackpot Season will start September 23rd.

Hope to see you then.
Jimmy Bowen

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