Oct 28

70 degrees last Saturday, 30 degrees today with a light covering of snow on the ground. And with that 30 degrees was an overcast sky and a north wind coming in. Minnesota….want different weather…wait 5 minutes and you’ll have your wish. Some of the guy’s today even had long underwear on…..so I was told. No I didn’t see it. Forget it.

Dennis Minks was smoking hot on the 1st squad out and posted a 47, which was looking like high score for the day. Nice shooting Dennis. Jimmy Brand was on the 3rd squad out and turned in the 1st 25 straight!! Nice shooting Jimmy. Scott Messenger, shooting his 1st targets after cataract surgery and didn’t have a good 1st entry, ran 25 straight on his 2nd venture out!! Nice shooting Scott. The pies were starting to disappear.

But, like what has happened many times the last month, Mr. 49 Itis, John Kelly walked in, and he was hungry. John ran the singles and posted a 24 in handicap for HIS usual 49…high score of the day. Great shooting John, congrats. That score got John some cash and that huge Caramel Apple Crunch pie. See the attached picture.

The pie winners for 25’s were…Jimmy Brand..Scott Messenger..Curt Peterson…John Kelly. For 24’s…Dennis Minks..Scott Steffen..Jimmy Bowen..Mark Hintz..Ray Monson. 23…Duane Bohn..22..Mark Cameron. Nice shooting everybody.

Thanks to everyone who brought food today to share, it was appreciated by everybody.

1st Class
John Kelly  49
John Kelly  47

2nd Class
Jimmy Bowen  43
Jimmy Bowen  43

3rd Class
Gary Pederson 39
Duane Bohn    39

4th Class
Mike Wenner  36
Mark Cameron 35

Ties = Handicap from the back.

16 yd Event
Ray Monson

Same time next Saturday, hope to see you there.

Jimmy Bowen

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