Oct 27

Another BEE-U-TIFUL day at the MGC traps. It was overcast for the most part but 55 degrees and NO wind. The NO wind part really made a difference in the scores!!!!
There wasn’t one, two or three 49’s turned in…..there were FIVE. No 50 straights but FIVE 49’s and one of them would have been a 50 except for a blooper shell. Yes, the wad did clear the barrel so, lost target. Next time Dennis. 🙁

1st. squad out…first post….birthday boy, Ken Norman misses one of the singles targets and runs the handicap for the first 49. There were also two 48’s on that squad, David Maples and Scott Prafke. Nice shooting you guy’s. A couple squads after that and Scott Prafke bettered his 48 by one for the 2nd 49. Fourth squad out Dennis Kecker posts a 49. Eleventh squad Renny Lindquist posts a 49 and squad twelve Scott Steffen posts one. Great shooting everybody and Happy Birthday Ken Norman.

Pies….the real prize of the day and everybody was shootin for one. But, there were 10 of ’em to give out and there were eighteen 25’s for the day in Singles and Handicap. The pie winners were….Ken Norman…Jeff Rempel…Scott Steffen…Scott Prafke…Leo Switala…Mark Cameron…Dennis Kecker…Jimmy Bowen…Charlie Buehler…Bob Smith and Ray Monson. Nice going guy’s.

With the turnout today there were 14 places paid out…
1st Class
Renny Lindquist 49
Scott Prafke 49

2nd Class
Mark Cameron 47
Leo Switala 47

3rd Class
Jimmy Brand 45
Scott Steffen 45

4th Class
Jimmy Bowen 44
Charlie Buehler 44

5th Class
Scott Steffen 43
Scott Messenger 43

6th Class
Jeff Rempel 42
Dean LeRud 42

7th Class
Bob Smith 39
Daryll Olson 39

Ties = Singles from the back, then singles from the front, then handicap from the back then handicap from the front.

Thanks to everyone who brought food today. It was a smorgasbord of great food. Hot dishes, chips, dip, salads, deviled eggs, and sweet rolls.

Thanks to everyone who shot today and made if a very fun day.

Hope to see you next Saturday and good luck to all that are going to Tucson for the Autumn Grand.

Jimmy Bowen


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