Oct 21

Another “iffy” day at the MGC traps. The rain had quit right at 10:00 but the 30 mph winds continued all day. For the 1st half of the shoot 45 was high score….yeah, it was that bad. But, as usual, SOMEONE figures it out and Glenn Linden posts a 48. Nice shooting Glenn. That was looking to be the high score until the last squad goes out and when you leave the door open…somebody is usually going to close it. Jerry Demulling, needing some fuel money to head to Tucson, goes out and runs the 16’s and missed one target in Handicap. Like Cheryl said, ” he wasted that shell”! Nice shooting Jerry.

Next Saturday MGC will be hosting their annual Halloween Jackpot. Shoot a 25 in either Singles or Handicap and you’ll have your choice of a pumpkin or apple pie. Shoot the top score and you’ll take home a huge Caramel Apple Walnut Crunch pie. We’ll have 10 pies to give away plus the top score prize. One pie per shooter. If there aren’t enough 25’s we’ll drop down to the next high score. So, C’mon out, have some fun, bust some clays and take home dessert for the family. Hope to see you there.

1st Class
Jerry Demulling  49
Glenn Linden    48

2nd Class
Scott Steffen  43
Jimmy Brand    43

Ties =  Handicap from the back.

Jimmy Bowen

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