Oct 20

A ca-razy day shooting at the MGC traps….but shoot we did. Temps in the 30’s with wind gusts at 40+ mph. But, the sun was out and that made it better????? For the first couple hours all of the scores were in the 30’s, but then some 40’s showed up. Nice shooting guy’s. Thanks to everyone who shot today.

Next Saturday, October 27th, we will be hosting our annual Halloween Pumpkin Pie Shoot. A delicious pie for a 25 straight or the next highest score. One per person and we’ll have 10 pies ready to go. For High Score we’ll award a huge Caramel Apple Walnut Crunch pie. And, if you’d like to bring an appetizer/munchies/sweets, to share, we encourage that, but not necessary. It will be a fun day. With no wind. :>)

1st Class
Scott Steffen 44
Jeff Rempel 43

2nd Class
Scott Steffen 35
Gary Pederson 35

Ties = Handicap from the front.

Hope to see you next Saturday.

Jimmy Bowen

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