Oct 15 2016

A beautiful fall day at MGC, 68 degree temps….but windy!! And the overcast skies make the targets a little hard to see. So, no 50 straights today….but FIVE 48’S. Ray Monson had 2 of them, Scott Messenger, Curt Peterson and Dennis Kecker had the other 3. NICE SHOOTING GUY’S.

In 2 weeks we’ll be hosting the MGC Annual Halloween Jackpot Shoot. Pumpkin pies, Apple pies and the Grand Prize for High Score, Caramel Apple Walnut Crunch. Good eats. We are also welcoming shooters to bring an appetizer for later in the afternoon if they would like. Last year we had a very good selection of good food.

1st Class
Scott Messenger 48
Curt Peterson  48

2nd Class
Dennis Kecker  46
Curt Peterson  46

3rd Class
Mark Cameron  43
Dennis Minks  43

4th Class
Jeff Ringlien  40
Mark Hintz    40

Ties = Handicap from the front then Handicap from the back

Thanks to everyone who shot today, hope to see you next week.

Jimmy Bowen

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