Oct 13

THE SUN WAS OUT TODAY!!!! And it really felt good. There was a stiff south wind that made the targets dip and climb but it was a good day at the MGC traps. Hopefully it continues for awhile.

Turnout was good and Storm’en Ken Norman posted his usual high score first time out, nice shooting Ken. Ken’s score was good….until Ray Monson showed up and posted one of the two 48’s for the day, nice shooting Ray. And, as it goes, somebody steps up to the line and shoots lights out. Today, that somebody was Dennis Minks. Dennis kept his head down, followed the diving/rising targets and smashed 49 of ’em. Great shooting Dennis.

In 2 weeks MGC will be hosting their Halloween Pumpkin Pie Jackpot. We’ll have 10 pies for a 25 straight, one per person, and a Caramel Apple Walnut Crunch for high score. We’ll also encourage to bring a appetizer/snack for later in the afternoon. It’s Halloween after all.Hope to see you there.

1st Class
Dennis Minks 49
Jimmy Bowen 48

2nd Class
Dennis Minks 45
Jeff Rempel 45

3rd Class
Renny Rindquist 43
Ken Norman 43

4th Class
Dean LeRud 41
Jack Swanson 41

Ties = Handicap from the front.

Thanks to everyone who shot today. See you next Saturday.

Jimmy Bowen


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