Nov 25

42 degrees on Thanksgiving weekend…..NICE!!!! We’ll take it, and it looks like more to come. This is almost better than AZ….almost.

The breeze kept the scores a little low this Jackpot but its and outdoor sport… they keep reminding me.

Leo update…Leo is progressing pretty well and is expected to be at MGC on Sunday and maybe play a little cribbage. That is such good news. Kinda makes a good score a little secondary. And, there is a AED defibrillator at MGC NOW. When you’re out there please familiarize yourself as to where it is so you can get to it if needed to help someone out.

1st Class
Dennis Kecker 45
Gary Pederson 44

2nd Class
Mad Dog Pederson Again 42
Ken Norman 42

3rd Class
Dutch Poel 38
Mike Gunderson 38

Ties = Handicap from the front

Thanks to everyone who shot, hope to see you next Saturday.

Jimmy Bowen

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