Nov 24

A warm day at the MGC traps!!! Well, it was warmer than it has been lately. Temps in the mid thirties, overcast, even dark at times, with a wind from the west/north west.

With the warm temps came the shooters. We ended up paying out five Lewis classes, 2 places per class, so 10 shooters went home with some cash and there were no repeat pay-outs. That’s always good to see.

47 ended up being high score and there were 4 of them posted. Scott Steffen with the 1st one followed by Leo Switala, Denny Kecker, then Jimmy Bowen. Two of those 4 were going home smiling and two not so, depending on the all important flip of the coin. It ended up being Singles from the back and Scott and Jimmy had 25 straight’s in Singles so it went from there.

Thanks to everyone who shot today, and welcome to the new shooters to MGC Jackpot shoots.

1st Class
Scott Steffen 47
Jimmy Bowen 47

2nd Class
Jim Lambert 43
Tim Mackey 43

3rd Class
Mark Cameron 41
Gary Pederson 41

4th Class
Jeff Rempel 39
Dean LeRud 39

5th Class
Dutch Poel 36
Kari Potter 36

Ties = Singles from the back then singles from the front then Handicap from the back

Hope to see you next Saturday.

Jimmy Bowen

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