Nov 18

A cold and blustery day at MGC!!! 35 degrees but with a 30 mph wind at times made it feel like it was 17 degrees. But, the sun was out and that looked/felt very nice….for a change.

Despite the wind, there were a few GOOD shooters that shot 25 straights and claimed Thanksgiving turkeys. Leo Houle, John Larson, Jeff Remple and Scott Steffen had the 25’s, Great shooting guys. The other 6 birds were awarded to the next high guns…Terry Peterson, Scott Messenger, Glenn Linden, Dennis Kecker, Darwin Bridgland and Mark Hintz. Congrats to all the Turkey winners.

Update on Leo Switala….Leo is doing OUTSTANDING! Leo has made it out of the hospital to a care/therapy facility in Apple Valley. He is alert, as in talking smart :>), making sure the staff there are on their toes, and working on normal activities. As in wearing out a deck of cards playing cribbage. In a week or 2 he will be practicing his gun handling skills and we hope to see him back at MGC doing what he does best, smashing targets. He’s grateful for everybody’s prayers and concern, so keep ’em coming.

MGC wishes everyone and their families a Happy Thanksgiving and for those that are traveling, safe travels.

1st Class
Scott Messenger 47
Mad Dog Pederson 46

2nd Class
Glenn Linden 42
Dennis Kecker 42

3rd Class
Scott Steffen 38
Glenn Linden 38

4th Class
David Maples 36
Barry Gregerson 36

Ties = Handicap from the back, then Handicap from the front then Singles from the back.

Thanks to everyone who shot today, and to Glenn’s wife for making the pumpkin cake. Ya shoulda been there.

Hope to see you next Saturday.

Jimmy Bowen

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