Nov 17

A good day at the MGC traps. Wasn’t too cold, 26 degrees, the winds were light from the north and some sun filtering through the thin clouds.

The turnout was good, the banter was wild at times, and the turkeys will taste mighty good for those fortunate to win one. There were a bunch of 25’s, but only one counted toward a turkey, so we went to the 24’s as they were posted. Curt Peterson lead the 25 count with 3. Nice shooting Curt.

The turkey’s winning turkey’s were….25 straights….Jimmy Bowen, Curt Peterson, Dennis Kecker and Scott Messenger. 24’s….Scott Steffen, Jeff Rempel, Gary Pederson, Bruce Lomker, Leo Switala, and Barclay Holscher. Great shooting everybody.

Five Lewis Classes, ten places paid out, and nobody doubled up. That’s a good day.

1st Class
Jimmy Bowen 47
Bob Smith 46

2nd Class
Dennis Kecker 43
Scott Messenger 43

3rd Class
Curt Peterson 41
Sean Skalisky 41

4th Class
Scott Steffen 39
David Maples 38

5th Class
Bruce Lomker 36
Lenny Lindquist 36

Ties = Handicap from the back then handicap from the front.

Thanks to everyone who shot today. Next Saturday, same time, same place.

Jimmy Bowen

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