Nov 11

A nice day at MGC….well, a lot nicer than it has been. Got up to 42 degrees with blue skies and a south wind. Not too bad.

Next Saturday MGC will be hosting their annual Thanksgiving Turkey Jackpot Shoot. Shoot a 25 in either Singles or Handicap and you’ll receive a nice prize to bring home for Thanksgiving dinner. There will be 10 turkeys to be given out, one per shooter and if there aren’t enough 25’s we will drop down to the next high score until the birds are gone. Usual start time, 10:00 AM and we will go until 4 PM if needed.

Some of you heard about this, some didn’t. Last Sunday Leo Switala had a heart attack while at the club. Leo was kept alive with the help of Lenny Lindquist and a MGC customer that had just taken a CPR class. I just got word that Leo is up, knows family members and counted to 15. Those that know Leo and his passion for cribbage, counting to 15 is so important. Leo will have a pace maker installed on Monday and is expected to go home on Tuesday. His doctors are optimistic about a full recovery but that will take some time. Please keep him in your prayers.

The “nice” people at MGC South, aka Tucson Gun Club, have been very generous with weather and shoot reports. Tom, Jerry and Cheryl have been shooting very good, more than a few 100 straights in Singles and punches in Handicap. Nice shooting guys and gal. Tom is very diligent in advertising there for MGC, thanks Tom. See attached picture. Thanks for the reports.

1st Class
Ken “I got my gun back” Norman 48
Ray “Do you want to sell that gun” Steffenson 47

2nd Class

Barry Gregerson 42
Gary “Mad Dog” Pederson 42

Ties = Handicap from the front.

Turkeys shooting Turkeys next Saturday. Hope to see you there.

Jimmy Bowen



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