Mar 9

Well, we got the Jackpot Shoot done before the snow came, but not before the rain. It was pretty wet, almost miserable, but we still shot. The day started with a 18 mph east “breeze” with gusts to 38 mph!!! They say that builds character. All I’m going to say is you had to be a “character” to go out and enjoy the 34 degree temperature.

John Podergois was first squad out, post 1, and comes in with a 45!! Great shooting John, way to put everyone on their toes. In all there ended up being four 45’s shot, three on one squad. In addition to John. Jimmy Brand, Jimmy Bowen and Mick Gunderson. Great shooting guy’s. Due to the “breeze” and rain, three 25 straights were posted. Jimmy Brand, Jamie Victor and Jimmy Bowen.

Next Saturday, March 16th we will be hosting our St. Patrick’s Day Jackpot. Hit one of the randomly placed GREEN targets and you’ll receive on of the famous MGC burgers. One per person please. The weather, for right now anyway, looks to be favorable for the event. Hope to see you there.

1st Class
Jimmy Brand  45
Jimmy Bowen  45

2nd Class
Jimmy Bowen    41
Scott Steffen  41

Ties = Singles from the back

Thanks to everyone who braved the conditions and shot today.

Jimmy O’Bowen

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