Mar 3

Almost 50 degrees today, and it felt good. There were 20 mph winds with 35 mph gusts that made for a cool “Owatonna Breeze” and some challenging targets. But, we don’t have to shovel the wind so things are getting better.

Bobby Munson Jr, AKA Mark Hintz, came in right away with a 44 and the chase was on. Dennis Kecker and Scott Steffen both turned in 46’s to put an end to that. “Storming” Ken Norman went for the 16 yd. event, didn’t let the wind bother him, shot the only 25 straight, and posted a 49. Nice shooting all of you.

In 2 weeks, March 17th, we will be hosting our annual St. Patrick’s Day Jackpot, We’ll be throwing green White Flyer Targets and awarding one of those famous MGC Burgers for you to enjoy. One burger per shooter, but shoot as many of those green targets you can. Rumor is Irish Stew and Bailey’s Irish Cream cake will be on the menu too. If it’s windy that day… kilts please.

1st Class
Scott Steffen 46
Dennis Kecker 46

2nd Class
Lenny Lindquist 40
Ray Monson 40

3rd Class
Craig Raines 36
Charlie Buehler 36

Ties = Handicap from the back

Thanks to everyone who shot today.

Jimmy Bowen

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