Mar 23

A BIG day at the MGC traps and some really BIG scores. The weather was great, light winds, sunny skies and 57 degrees.

The turnout was great and there were FOUR 49’s posted!!! Ya, that’s right Four of ’em. Good ‘ol Curt Peterson turned in TWO of them, Randy Jones, and Barclay Holscher. Outstanding shooting guy’s. Ya gotta keep your head down, get that missing target and claim the Perpetual Jackpot.

There were a bunch more great scores shot so I’ve included the squad/score sheet. Nice shooting everyone.

Thanks to everyone who shot today. Hope to see you next Saturday.

1st Class
Barclay Holscher  49
Randy Jones      49

2nd Class
Joe Hadac      46
Scott Steffen  46

3rd Class
Gerald Mollenhauer 44
Leo Switala        44  

4th Class
Jason Hayward    43
Dave Carter      43

5th Class
Todd Zych    40
Dave Carter  39

Tie = Singles from the front then singles from the back then Handicap from the front 

Jimmy Bowen      

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