Mar 11 2017

Another cold one, NW wind, 14 degree start with a wind chill of 5 degrees. It’s been a nice winter but I’ll be glad when this one is over.
Only 1 25 straight today….all 25 flew into Dennis Kecker’s pattern…nice shooting Dennis.
Handicap Event
1st Class….Dennis Kecker  45
2nd Class….Ray Monson    38
Singles Event
David Maples….47
Next Saturday, March 18th we’ll be hosting our annual St. Patrick’s Day Jackpot. There will be randomly placed GREEN targets in the carousels and when one comes flying out…DON’T LIFT YOUR HEAD TO LOOK AT IT. Hit the GREEN target and you’ll enjoy one of out famous MGC Gun Club Burgers. One per shooter please. So, get that kilt out, freshen it up, and wear it to the shoot. I hope its not windy that day….
Hope to see you next Saturday.
Jimmy O’Bowen

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