Mar 10

An “average” March day at MGC. Meaning, the temp was average for this time of year. 36 degrees, cloudy with a E/SE breeze. Nothing like last weekend with the 35 mph winds.

A good turn out today and Scott Steffen showed us all that he hasn’t lost his “Tucson Touch” and proceeded to take the top 2 spots. Nice shooting Scott…again. And, only two 25 straights posted….Jimmy Brand and Jamie Victor. Yeah, a girl, first time shooting at MGC. Nice shooting Jimmy and Jamie.

Next Saturday, St. Patrick’s Day, we’ll have randomly placed White Flyer GREEN targets loaded in the traps and if you get one, now don’t lift your head to peek at it, and hit it, you’ll get one of those famous MGC burgers. So, put your kilts in the car…..and leave them there….please…..and c’mon out and have some fun.

1st Class
Scott Steffen 47
Scott Steffen 46

2nd Class
Jimmy Bowen 42
David Maples 42

3rd Class
Jeff Rempel 40
David Maples 40

4th Class
Jeff Rempel 38
Barry Gregerson 38

Ties = Singles from the back

16 yd. Event
Jamie Victor 47

Thanks to everyone who shot today, hope to see you next Saturday.

Jimmy O’Bowen

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