Jan 7 2017

A tough day AGAIN at the traps. 4 degrees with a wind chill of -15……but, those that went out did stay our for the 50 targets. The trick was a 2 or 3 man squad. One shooter even chose to go and shoot it alone just to get it done. Thanks to everyone who shot today.

After thinking about the changes announced last week and getting some feedback…..we’re gonna change them again.

Nothing big. We will be holding the 50 16 yard Singles event. There is a lot of interest in having that event. On the Handicap event, we’re going to put it back like it was. 25 16 yard targets and 25 handicap, with a 25 yard minimum. The Perpetual Purse will remain on the singles/handicap event along with a flat of shells for a 50 straight shot. We’re not trying to confuse anyone, just trying was to make it more fun.

50 Target Singles Event
1st Class…..Jimmy Bowen  48

2nd Class
John Podergois  39

50 Target Handicap Event
Jimmy Bowen  27…..Told you it was a tough day. :>)

Next Saturday, same time, same place…MGC. Hope to see you there.

Jimmy Bowen

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