Jan 27

A nice day at the MGC traps for the end if January. A little bit of a breeze, sunshine, and 30 degrees. Not bad.

Scott Steffen, still fighting off the dreaded flu virus that’s going around posted a 46 for high score today. Leo Switala, still on a comeback from his heart attack had the only 25 straight today. Nice shooting guy’s.

Thanks to everyone who shot today. In 2 weeks we’ll be hosting the annual MGC Valentine Jackpot. Boxes of chocolate, Lewis Class payouts, and a chance to win some diamonds.

1st Class
Scott Steffen 46
Leo Switala 44

2nd Class
John Podergois 40
Lenny Lindquist 40

3rd Class
Lenny Lindquist 36
Daryll Olson 35

Ties = Singles from the front

16 yd Event High Score….Jay Podergois.

Hope to see you next Saturday.

Jimmy Bowen

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