Jan 26

Ohhh baby, it’s cold outside!!! And the way they’re talking, the weather guessers, it’s gonna get brutal. Today wasn’t too bad, better than last Saturday, we even stayed out for both rounds. The snow was coming down pretty much all day, until we finished of course, and light winds made it tolerable. You know we’re pretty messed up when 9 degrees feels OK.

First squad out Scott Steffen posted a 25 straight in singles and ended up with a 44 which looked real good….until Barclay Holscher went out and posted a 46. Nice shooting Barclay !!!

Two 25 straights posted today….both by Scott Steffen. That’s impressive shooting. Great shooting Scott.

In two weeks we’ll be hosting the MGC Valentine Jackpot and a nice piece of jewelry to be handed out. February 9th. 

1st Class
Barclay Holscher  46
Jimmy Bowen        45

2nd Class
Mark Cameron  42
Scott Steffen  42

Ties = Handicap from the front.

Thanks to everyone who shot today. Hopefully next Saturday it will be warmer, hope to see you then.

Jimmy Bowen

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